Olje og vedlikehold

Motul is a world-class French company specialised in the formulation, production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants (two-wheelers, cars and other vehicles) as well as lubricants for industry via its MOTULTECH activity. Within Asia Pacific, Motul is operating in collaboration with importers and distributors in 16 countries, with a regional HQ based out of Singapore.

Motul is also recognised as the specialist in synthetic lubricants. As early as 1971, Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to pioneer the formulation of a 100% synthetic lubricant for automotive engines, the 300V lubricant, making use of Esters technology and issued from the aeronautical industry.

Throughout the years, Motul has gained experience as an official supplier to many racing teams and manufacturers and contributes with them to further technological development in motorsports.

Eni offers a wide range of high-tech lubricants which satisfy the requirements of all motorcycle engines.
Whether in scooters, mopeds, in flagships or in sports bike, the Eni lubricants perform with the highest reliability in every condition of use.
Eni lubricants comply with the most recent and strict specifications of motorcycle manufacturers and the motorcycle industry and consequently assure the best protection and conservation of every part of the engine.

Muc-Off begynte utvikling og produksjon av rengjøring for tråsykkel tidlig på 90 tallet og har i dag et stort utvalg vask, vedlikehold og smøreprodukter for Bil, Motorsykkel og Tråsykkel med distribusjon over hele verden