Race kåper

Sebimoto manufacture motorcycle fairings from high-quality polyester resin reinforced by fiberglass (GFK), carbon (CFK) manually laminated with high-quality polyester resin on the basis of isophtalic acid in a transparent gelcoat or combination of carbon and kevlar fiber (K-K).

Developed for race teams to create a perfect fit, lightweight, robust with quality design. CRC motorcycle race fairings are used by teams in MotoGP, WSBK, BSB and International Road Racing teams. Unique lightweight construction from fibre resin/polymer compounds CRC Fairings are lighter than carbon fibre equivalents and equally as strong. Finished in black gel coat All Dzus Fasteners Factory Pre-Fitted Every kit comes complete with unique quick-release CRC Seatpad Carbon/Kevlar reinforcement at all mounting points Designed by Racers, Manufactured by Racers, Used Worldwide by Professional Teams